APCA Helps Performers Get College Gigs and Much More

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eric Lamber Interview Episode 004

Some of the more lucrative gigs for performing artists are found on college campuses. Learn why from Eric Lambert, the Executive Director of the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities. As a major promoter of college conferences, I checked back with Eric to get an update to our original interview and see how his organization was responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Then Eric walks us through the various membership opportunities, conference time frames, locations, showcasing benefits, how they are adapting to the current crisis and how they move forward. Eric and many of his staff members are performers or have worked in student activities. This provides them with a…

Conference Strategies – Streaming and Live

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Conference Strategies - Live and Streaming

Part One: Episode Description So many of the conferences that were scheduled to take place in the coming months have been rescheduling their dates and some skipping this year altogether. And there are others that are holding firm on their dates but shifting to an online streaming conference. You may even find this to be true with some festivals as well. So, in this episode, I’ll share my best strategies for navigating the conference scene so you can network with those in the industry with ease, confidence and professionalism. I’ll help you think about how to prepare your materials so you may take advantage of those conferences that offer streaming…