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Some Adorable for Your Tuesday

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I thought I’d share some adorable to help get your Tuesday off to an upbeat start. Yes, even my just turned 3-year-old, great niece has gotten into the swing of singing, I’m Smiling at You Behind My Mask. With just a moment’s prompting, she mostly memorized our catchy little song. She cracks me up every time I see her. I can feel you busting a grin already. Enjoy! Join our Global Smile Chorus and lend your voice to helping musicians in need during these crazy COVID Cancelled gig times. We hope you will be moved to participate in our T shirt and song project. A portion of the proceeds from…

Save Our Stages

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Save Our Stages

It is time to Save Our Stages. We all would love to get back to performing live in the venues we love. As an audience member, we would love to see our favorite artists performing live in our favorite local venues.  BUT, we need to have those venues remain viable. Right now they are struggling to survive this shut-down. Here is a piece of legislation: RESTART Act When it's safe to resume normal life again, we're going to need live music and comedy more than ever. Please help @NIVAssoc with federal funding by supporting & cosponsoring S. 3814/H.R. 7481, the RESTART Act #SaveOurStages More info: Please go to…