Helping Musicians in Need One T Shirt at a Time

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I'm Smiling at You Behind My Mask

Our new project is helping musician's in need one T Shirt at a time. My work with so many artists has made me acutely aware of just how much income has been lost due to COVID-19 cancellations. After a few weeks into the stay-at-home period, an idea began to blossom that would grow into a creative project to help musicians in need. On one of my first outings for supplies, it struck me how much I missed seeing people’s facial expressions, now covered with masks. So, I said to the cashier, “I just want you to know that I’m smiling at you behind my mask.” And her eyes lit up…

Resources for Live Streaming

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Here are some resources for live streaming that have come my way. Since so many artists are trying to figure this all out, many helpful organizations are coming to the aide of performers , authors, venues and organizations large and small.  I'm keeping it short and full of info this week with lots of resources in the links below. This new world is presenting new opportunities. New opportunities mean figuring out how to best make use of them or begin to use them. That means learning new technology. So here are a few organizations that have gathered some resource information and shared them. Bandzoogle: Resources for Live Streaming Bandzoogle blog…