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Resources for Live Streaming

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Here are some resources for live streaming that have come my way. Since so many artists are trying to figure this all out, many helpful organizations are coming to the aide of performers , authors, venues and organizations large and small.  I'm keeping it short and full of info this week with lots of resources in the links below. This new world is presenting new opportunities. New opportunities mean figuring out how to best make use of them or begin to use them. That means learning new technology. So here are a few organizations that have gathered some resource information and shared them. Bandzoogle: Resources for Live Streaming Bandzoogle blog…

Get to Your Main Point Fast

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Get to your main point fast in all your communications. In order to have your messages read and acted upon, you must decide what the main point of every message is and put it up front. I read tons of bios, web sites, press releases, email campaigns, newsletters, blog posts, letters of introduction, proposals and, well, you name it. Most writers have trouble identifying their main message and then once they stumble upon the main point, it gets buried in the 3rd or 4th paragraph. Everything you write on behalf of your act deserves consideration and attention to determine what it is that you are asking of the reader. There…

Digging for Gold in Your Contact List

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It’s time to start digging for gold in your contact list. I was recently reminded how valuable our contact lists and mailing lists are. It also occurred to me how often we under use our mailing lists. Sure, you collect names at every concert or event. Then you enter them into your list and manipulate the names to send out your newsletter or email or tweet. But when was the last time you really took a good look at those names, studied them, researched the individuals to discover who they are and what they do? The people who have followed your career and who have become long-time fans have lives,…

Did You Have Contracts for Your Cancelled Gigs

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Did you have contracts for your cancelled gigs? Were your contracts written or verbal? Do you have a standard contract that you use all the time whether it is a long form legal contract or a simple Letter of Agreement or Letter of Confirmation? Do you send that along after every confirming phone call or email with your buyer, booker or presenting organization? Hmmm, I can’t hear your definitive YES! to all the above questions. A little louder please. OK, I’m just pushing your buttons and hopefully this Biz Booster will offer some valuable information about a specific contract clause and issues you may be experiencing during this spring of…

Practical Planning for Our New Reality

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We have some time now for some practical planning for our new reality as performing artists. As so many artists are jumping on the live streaming platforms to hurry up and schedule shows, put out tip jars, ask for donations on various social crowd funding platforms, I thought I’d lend some additional ideas for how to spend this time. Certainly, all the above are great options to help build your brand and share your talents with your people. In addition, let’s think strategically so we can plan for now and for later. Here are some general strategies that you might consider doing no matter your target audience or venue type.…

Report: Performing Arts Industry Joined Forces

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Report: Performing Arts Industry Joined forces Wednesday, March 18th where 900 performing arts professionals came together to face the COVID-19 impact on our industry. I've included the replay of this webinar link below as well as a survey from the Association of Performing Arts Presenters gathering data about lost of income due to cancellations. Please fill it out as they are building a case to take to Congress. Speaking and participating were independent artists, small and large arts organization, agents, managers, presenting organizations, arts councils, arts advocacy organizations and regional and national arts organizations. Some speakers shared their stories of cancellations and even complete shutdowns of performing seasons and world-wide…

COVID-19 Resources For Artists

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COVID-19 Resources for artists are being collected by many of the Arts Agencies and organizations. I’m passing them along as I receive the info. For Artists hoping to stream live concerts, Bandsintown has created Bandsintown Live streaming on twitch. Get the Bandsintown App or the twitch App And check out for updates and info about live performances and their partnership with Music Cares. They want to help you promote it: Contact them at: Here is an LATimes Article with more resources: Lost Your Music Related Gig: Here's What You Can do Here is a Collection of National Resources  American Alliance for Museums COVID-19/Coronavirus Resources & Information for the Museum…

Getting Your Foot in The Door

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Getting Your Foot In The Door

Getting your foot in the door is a constant struggle for so many artists who want to open new markets. Building that elusive “buzz” regionally is so important and really lays the groundwork for getting your foot in the door. Here are a few ideas to begin incorporating into your booking process. When beginning to expand further out into your region, make it a habit of inviting the bookers at the venues you want to play, to come see you at a gig you are already playing. It’s quite likely they won’t take you up on the invite, but that doesn’t matter. What this does is begin to establish, in…

Overwhelmed with To Dos

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Overwhelmed by To Dos

I’m overwhelmed by to dos! I hear it all the time-there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it all. How many minutes ago did you say that one? This is especially true when you are managing your own career or running your own business. When you are overwhelmed by tasks, you are less effective-right? But did you catch the word tasks? That’s right, most of the time we are overwhelmed by tasks. This could be a clue to how you are prioritizing where you place your attention. Let’s make a few lists so we can see this right in front of us. List 1: What things…

Use Mid-Week Dates to Build Booking Momentum

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Here’s a cool strategy to use mid-week dates to build booking momentum. There are two potential strategies that can be considered. The first suggestion that I highly recommend, is to look at mid-week and early weekdays as potential optimum dates. As you do your research of venue calendars, pay attention to days like Monday through Wednesday. These days are often left either unfilled, used for local or regional acts or are saved for national touring acts that might be heading to another market and happen to have an off night. These are choice nights to line up recurring gigs that can offer the venue a potential audience that they might…