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Helping Musicians in Need One T Shirt at a Time

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I'm Smiling at You Behind My Mask

Our new project is helping musician's in need one T Shirt at a time. My work with so many artists has made me acutely aware of just how much income has been lost due to COVID-19 cancellations. After a few weeks into the stay-at-home period, an idea began to blossom that would grow into a creative project to help musicians in need. On one of my first outings for supplies, it struck me how much I missed seeing people’s facial expressions, now covered with masks. So, I said to the cashier, “I just want you to know that I’m smiling at you behind my mask.” And her eyes lit up…

Funding Sources Crowd Funding

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Funding Sources Crowd Funding is the new revenue resource for businesses large and small. Advance sales campaigns to get funds to produce your CD or another project now rely on Crowd Funding. Crowd Funding is a meaningful income stream when done right. And Crowd Funding is not for everyone even though everyone seems to be using it. The success of a crowd funded campaign ultimately depends on your relationship with your crowd, fans, friends and relatives-those who support your endeavors. The larger the crowd base, the more successful the campaign when you've built and nurtured your relationships well. Here is where most campaigns fall far short of their expected and…

Funding Sources Sponsorships

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Funding Sources Sponsorships is our third method of funding to potentially add to your income stream consideration. You might think about sponsorships being only suited to major recording artists with large multi-national companies backing them. You’ve probably seen the logos behind large concert stages for liqueur companies and car companies. But thought about creatively, you can get some sponsorships to help cover some of your touring costs as well as many other aspect of your career development. Now, I’ve got a full two hours of information packed into my Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets Online Course. I'll be offering that again soon. This Biz Booster is to get…

Funding Sources Residencies

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This week let's dive into funding sources-residencies at elementary schools, Jr. and Sr. high schools and colleges. Again we go back to the Arts Council as a funding source. There are grants for artists who perform in schools and in particular, who have put together longer programs that keep them in the schools for multiple days. If you have visited your state or provincial arts council’s website, you might have noticed that one of the educational grants was specifically for residencies. These grants have different deadlines than the touring roster grants and are headed up by different staff members. Residencies offer an artist a chance to put together an extended…

Funding Sources Arts Councils

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This week I’m starting a multi-part series on funding sources. Over the next few weeks I’ll dive into a few different funding sources you may want to consider. Depending on your act, one or more of these sources may work well for you and others may just not be right. This week, let’s talk about Funding Sources Arts Council Touring Grants. I want to start here because these grants have set time-frames and deadlines. Who offers these grants? Arts Councils in each state in the US or province in Canada. You need to check you specific state to see whether they have a touring roster of artists and whether they…