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A New Take on Audience Swaps During COVID

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Here’s a new take on audience swaps during COVID-19 to gain new fans while staying home. You want to open new markets, and expand your fan base, but right now streaming to your fans is mostly what you got going. Why not try swapping streaming audiences with an act you know to introduce each act to each other’s fans. First, find an artist you might know, whose work you like and with whom you think you would be compatible. Second, make sure the artist selected has a strong following on the social media platforms where you are trying to expand. Suggest to the artist that you both promote at least…

Your Livelihood Depends On It

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Your Livelihood Depends on It

Your livelihood depends on it. I know you want to book better gigs and even great gigs. You  also want to increase your gig fees each year. Wouldn't it be great to put a string of dates together to create tours that are profitable? Those things can only happen if you really, really know who is YOUR audience. First: It helps determine your appropriate venue type and location. Second: It allows you to create marketing materials that speak directly to YOUR audience. Third: It helps you price your act properly. These three things alone can make your booking much more efficient and much more profitable. But, let's go beyond that.…

How Well Do You Know Your Fans

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How well do you know your fans? OK-you put out your mailing list sign-up form or cards and collected a bunch of new email addresses. Your website email capture form is humming along and fans are signing up for your newsletter every day. Your Facebook friend count is getting larger by the hour and you’ve got new twitter followers hanging on your every tweet. So who are all these fans, friends and followers? How well do you know them and how are you getting to know them? Do you ever stop to think, that if you have 1000, 5000, 10,000 on your lists, how many of those people can you…