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Touring Strategies

Touring Strategies: Renting Tour Vehicles

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When you are in the start-up phases of establishing a new group, you may not want to make an investment in a touring vehicle. Instead, more pressing items require investment dollars such as promotional packages, photos, and recordings. Rather than increasing the wear and tear on one of the group's own vehicles, renting a touring

Dynamics for Success

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We can discuss booking strategies and marketing plans forever, but until your group has established a working group dynamic, success may be elusive. One of my first concerns when I worked with any group, is to see how the group worked together and interacted with each other away from the music. I've seen situations when

Day-Of-Show – Staying in Control

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Whether you are on a tour or simply doing a single date, the day of the show is filled with last minute details begging for attention. Dealing with the final logistics of each performance date has the potential of creating a day fraught with frustrations or one which runs like clockwork leaving you calm and

Advancing the Date

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There is nothing more satisfying for a touring musician than to arrive at the venue and everything is in order. All of the requested equipment is set up and ready for a sound check, the publicity has been done, posters are hanging in the window and there is someone to meet you as you load in. Was