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Bring Great Ideas To Fruition - by Jeri Goldstein     

How do you bring great ideas to fruition?

You’ve come up with a great idea and you want to jump on it right away while your enthusiasm is still hot. Now you must create an effective communication vehicle to pitch your idea to the intended recipient.

But wait! Do you have all the important pieces on hand to be effective and make your pitch work the way you imagined? 

What do you need? 

First and foremost it might be good to make sure that your idea is clearly thought out. Writing it out a few times will help you edit it down to the essentials and remove the fluff.

Have some other people read your idea to make sure it is understandable and accomplishes your intended goal.

Who is it for?

Next, you need to do some research and find the exact person who will receive your pitch and who is able to act upon it or refer it to any appropriate people who need to participate. Sending a general letter off into the Ethernet will only result in wasted time and effort. Do some research and connect with the right person from the start.

Does the pitch fit the recipient?

Once you know who will be reading the pitch for your great idea, then you may go back and tweak the pitch to fit the recipient, their position in the organization and what you expect from them.

Have you been specific enough?

Now you can finally refine the final pitch to be absolutely sure you are being as specific as possible and your request is clear and actionable. If you are vague in your request, the recipient won’t understand what you want from them or what you expect them to do for you. This may sometimes be difficult, especially when it comes to asking for money for a big project. You might think that if you don’t mention money, they’ll be more receptive. That just demonstrates that you don’t do this very often and are not clear in your intentions. Be specific, you can always negotiate. If they can’t fill your request because the financial request is too high, they’ll let you know, and you can negotiate something they can manage. Or you may also decide this recipient is not right for this project and look elsewhere.

When you specify every aspect of your request, the recipient is able to fit it into a budget, a timeline and possibly even determine specific departments or people to work on it with you.

The next time you want to bring a great idea to fruition, don’t act on it until you have all the pieces in place. Make sure that your pitch effectively communicates your request to the right person and is specific enough for them to act upon it.

You’ll be able to bring great ideas to fruition more often when you do the research and plan your pitch appropriately.  

How do you plan your pitch for your next big project? What tweaks might you make to your planning process to help you bring great ideas to fruition more often?

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