Booking Dead Zone

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Booking Dead Zone

Booking Dead Zone - by Jeri Goldstein     

The Booking Dead Zone is approaching.

As we head into the holiday season, we come to a time period that often feels like a last chance to do some bookings to close out the year. November and December may find you with some time on your hands after some feverish fall touring, but artist beware, you may only find frustration if you attempt end of the year bookings as you enter the Booking Dead Zone.

Let me explain.

I’ve talked about booking conferences in the past and those mostly occur in late August and September, with some following in October and then again in mid-winter. That schedule drives the booking process for most presenters to be in wind-up mode during mid November and wrap up mode in December. But these bookings are for the next year or even longer out. So the presenters and bookers you may attempt to hit up for a last minute, end of year gig are just not on that time frame.

Now if you are attempting to land some smaller club dates or even house concerts, again, too late. Most of those folks have already posted their schedules and are focused on the next holiday party.

So what to do with this, so called free time? How do you effectively use this booking dead zone?

I say look ahead and plan. Use this time to plan your next spring, summer and fall bookings, if you don’t have them locked in already. Use this so called, booking dead zone, to think about future touring themes, geographic regions you would like to play or return to, release tours and how to integrate the marketing into upcoming tours.

Create any marketing campaigns or email campaigns that will launch right after the holidays. Don’t wait until that time is upon you, get it ready now while you are in the booking dead zone.

This is the perfect time to create your momentum for the next part of your touring schedule. This is not the time to try and capture new prospects attention-you’ll just find them distracted with their end of year wrap up.

Do yourself a favor and use your time in the booking dead zone to drive your bookings into the next year with some much needed planning.

How do you use your time during November and December? Is this a busy touring time for you?

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