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How Many Gigs Do You Really Need

Whether you are ready to book your first gig or just need to fill in a few dates, booking those gigs can be challenging.

If you are just getting started, you probably don’t have many or any fans on a mailing list or social media. So how the heck do you get a crowd to buy tickets to your show?

And, if you need to fill a fast date with little or no lead time to round out a tour or just put something on the calendar for an off time, you don’t want to be phoning up venues who you know are probably already booked. So frustrating and such a waste of your valuable time, eh?

There must be some way to accomplish this find-a-first-gig or fill-a-date-gig booking problem?

Indeed, there is!

And I’d love to share some of these artist-tested and proven strategies with you so you can keep the gigs rolling in whether planning in advance or last minute.

In fact, this Just Starting Strategy and fill-a-date strategy are going to be featured in a free webinar I’ll be doing with Dave Kusek and Chelsea Ira from the New Artist Model on

Tuesday, November 19th at 1 pm Eastern.

We will be talking about 4 Proven Strategies to Book Better Gigs and Just Starting is one of the four I’ll be sharing.

Now you may have been following my Biz Booster Hot Tips for a while. Sometimes it is refreshing to find those hidden gem strategies that just make a touring artist’s life simple because they just work.

Just Starting is one of those strategies that catch you off guard as you think, “Oh yeah, I could do that, easy.” And then you do it and, Voila! Got a gig on the old calendar!

So join us on Tuesday, November 19th at 1 pm Eastern for a fun, free webinar:
4 Proven Strategies to Book Better Gigs and put some of this stuff to use in your touring career immediately so you too can say, “Oh yeah, I can do that, easy. Got another gig!”

Sign up NOW so you get a spot.

4 Proven Strategies to Book Better Gigs

Can’t wait to share this good stuff with you.

See you on Tuesday the 19th at 1 pm. Put this on your calendar.

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