Selling CDs In Bulk

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Selling CDs In Bulk

Selling CDs In Bulk - by Jeri Goldstein     

Selling CDs in bulk may be a boon to your income if you are currently selling your CDs one at a time?

Do you have some old CDs that you haven’t sold yet and they are just sitting there taking up space?

Here is another way to move some of those CDs, whether old or new. Well, it’s not just about moving them or selling them, it’s more about getting your music into the hands of an unlikely audience—a new audience. OK, how?

If you play benefits for charitable organizations, private events like weddings or corporate events for a local business or parties of any sort. C’mon admit it, every once in a while you do one of these kinds of gigs.

Perhaps you do this kind of gig all the time. And I bet you think that this kind of gig is a no CD sales kind of gig. Well think again!

This is a prime opportunity to sell more CDs than you might imagine. Let’s break this down into action steps to selling CDs in bulk.

Step 1: While you are working on your booking and negotiating the gig details, ask if they would like to make their event even more memorable by giving a gift to commemorate the occasion.

Step 2: Get some info about the people or the organization and the event being planned.

Now if it’s a charitable organization, you might suggest that one of their sponsors purchase your CD for a discount and a tax write off-(I’ll leave the discount amount up to you, but 40 or 50% off might be nice). Then they can resell the CD to all their supporters for full price as a fundraiser. They look good and you look good and you get your CD to some new
listeners and potential new fans.

For other types of gigs, like weddings or business gigs, they can purchase bulk CDs to hand out as favors for weddings or gifts for business. Just think, for a wedding, that could be 100 CDs or more at 50% off or even more if you’re feeling the love, you still are going to have a much better pay day in the long run.

When folks are in the planning mode for a wedding or party, they are likely going to spend money on some trinket anyway, so why not something that might have a bit more meaning and the recipient will reuse it often.

You can mention that when they play your CD, they’ll remember their event fondly.

For the business event, just mention how the company’s good will, will be appreciated by all who attended the event each time the worker plays the CD.

Step 3: Remember to do this each time you are invited to perform at an event where you think CD sales will be unlikely. Turn each of these no-CD sales gigs into a CD sales bonanza.

Have you ever tried selling your CDs in bulk? What kind of results have you had?

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