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Get Great Gigs Podcast

I’m excited to share the news with you that after 13 years and 676 weekly blog posts, Biz Booster Hot Tips is evolving into the Get Great Gigs Podcast.

The first episode will be live next Monday, August 3. Fitting, as I launched Biz Booster Hot Tips on Monday, August 6, 2007.

The new Monday morning postings will now have two parts.

Part one will give you a heads up about what the new Get Great Gigs Podcast episode is all about. I’ll share a very brief synopsis with a link to the Get Great Gigs episode for that week. Once on the Get Great Gigs website, you will be able to listen to current episodes or back episodes you might have missed. You will also be able to visit each show’s Show Notes Page with all the details, downloads and links associated with that episode. There you may also subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast platform. I’ll have all the platforms that are carrying the Get Great Gigs Podcast conveniently available right on the homepage.

Part Two of the post will have any updates or current information that relates to the performing arts industry and advocacy efforts or news about COVID, venue responses and government information, when I have any to share.

One major difference of the new posts is that there will no longer be any audio accompanying the post. The podcast will replace those audio postings.

I’m excited to share the podcast with you. Yes, yes Get Great Gigs in these times is, well more than challenging. But I assure you, each episode I’ve already recorded addresses this current situation as it relates to the topic and the guest I am interviewing. Oh, and I have some great interviews on tap for you. My first interview is the David Wimble, creator of the Indie Bible series of directories. That is episode two live on August 10th.

I’ve got a great mix of guests already interviewed and in the works for future episodes. You’ll hear from artists doing incredible things with their careers, even now, to the Executive Directors of the two college entertainment organizations APCA and NACA and the Executive Director and board President of the Ohio Arts Professional Network-OAPN and many more. I’m talking with industry professionals that can share insights into your industry—agents, managers, publicists, entertainment industry organizational executives who will offer valuable information on how to navigate the industry during normal times and what is currently being worked on during these extraordinary times.

I look forward to having you along as Biz Boosters evolve into the Get Great Gigs Podcast. It has taken some time to put this together and then make our way through this spring and now summer. Getting great gigs is not the same as it might have been last December, but how you think about your career now, requires inspired ideas, creativity, insights, and information. That is what I hope to continue to bring to you with the Get Great Gigs Podcast.

I can’t wait to share it with you. Next Monday will be the first of the new postings to launch, and episode One is:
Thinking Beyond, a New Roadmap to Get Great Gigs.

I hope you will join me on this new journey.

Stay well, be creative and keep smiling behind your mask!



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