Being In A State Of Flow

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Being In A State Of Flow
Being In A State Of Flow - by Jeri Goldstein     

What exactly is, “being in a state of flow?

Flow, in the zone, on the path, in the right place at the right time, coincidence, serendipity—whatever you may call it, is something to pay attention to. But do you?

I have experienced, being in a state of flow, a few times in my life. When I had just decided to write my book, but hadn’t yet, it seemed the universe agreed with my decision. Information I needed, arrived unsolicited in the mail or was handed to me by friends, unasked.

Sometimes, you need to be alert enough to recognize the gifts being handed to you. Then, be grateful to stay on the path you seem to be going.

This is often completely opposite the experiences you have when nothing seems to be going your way. Sometimes everything and everyone around you seem to be working at cross purposes. This is exactly the opposite of being in a state of flow.

Pay attention to these experiences with equal gratitude, because they may be telling you something just as important. They may be telling you that you are not on the right path, you may be focusing on the wrong things. You may want to take a moment and think seriously about the message here.

What’s this all got to do with touring and your career? It is simply a reminder to be aware of what’s happening to you in your world.

Pay attention to the things that work easily and the things that never seem to work. Consider those things and see how they fit into your overall direction and development.

Perhaps you need to make an adjustment, go in a direction you never thought of before because it seems too easy—but, perhaps it is exactly the right thing for you at this time. Maybe all the work you put into a tour or project, that just isn’t coming together, might be telling you something. But you are so buried in the details, you haven’t looked up to see the writing on the wall. Maybe there was one tweet too many saying the date won’t work. Pay attention to these things. Be open to changing directions and refocus on a new market or a change in project.

When you are in a state of flow, all things seem to happen easily. Be aware enough to notice when you are in that state of flow. Be flexible and ready to move in a direction you hadn’t planned when things are moving there. It just might lead you to better times, better tours and better projects ahead.

For more on Flow, check out this book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi  Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Have you ever been in a state of flow? Can you describe what was going on? How did that make a difference in your life?

Leave me a comment below.

I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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  • Clay Green July 14, 2019, 5:08 pm

    Hi Jeri!
    There’s SO much more to this topic.

    The book ‘Flow’ was researched in the 80’s, and released in early 90’s. In the first chapter, I believe, Mihaly says something like: “we can’t pick when we go into flow, we can’t control it…”

    BUT that’s not true.

    Steven Kotler is a GREAT author that wrote a few books based on flow – the first and highest recommendation I can give is: “The Rise of Superman” (youtube has a great ‘book trailer’ for this book)

    I’ve spent the last 5 years training business leaders and executives how to safely enter and exit this state, multiple times a day, on any project!

    My client’s best results are literally double their normal output, in HALF the time! :-0 I was shocked honestly.

    I hope this serves you, and your audience! Great write up by the way! And enjoy the journeys!

    • Jeri Goldstein July 15, 2019, 11:13 am

      Thanks for your comment and information Clay. it is an amazing subject with so much more to dive into in order to grasp it’s full potential.
      Thanks for the work you’ve been doing to help business leaders. We all could use this training. I appreciate you sharing your insights and expertise.

      Best to you and your work.


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