Ask Your Fans for Gigs

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Ask Your Fans For Gigs - by Jeri Goldstein     

Do you ask your fans for gigs?

Are you concerned about where to find great gigs? Perhaps you are missing the number one, fantastic source for new gigs—and it’s right under your nose—or, really at your fingertips.

How often have you come right out and asked your fans about great places to play in their town? How often have you looked over your fan list and selected some of your super fans and then wrote them a personal email asking them specific questions about their town or surrounding area?

Here are three things that you might do this week to really make use of YOUR fans and stir up some new gig opportunities.

  1. Look over your list and identify those people who you know buy everything you put out, come to every gig, or at least most of them, and are most often at the CD table chatting you up during the break. Maybe they even invite you out after the gig or invite you to a local after-gig-party. Yeah those fans. Those are your super fans.
  1. Write them or call them and ask your fans for gigs. Ask them what’s been happening in their town’s music scene. Get them to give you updates on new venues, organizations, local schools or universities, libraries, museums or businesses that they may be involved with that might be able to host a concert for some upcoming event.
  1. Ask them if they, or someone they know, might like to host a house concert or intimate private event.
  1. Next, ask them about their local media. What radio stations do they listen to? Are their any arts newspapers or daily papers that have an entertainment section with calendar listings or CD reviews? Ask them for some names of music editors and reviewers or their favorite local area DJs.

When you ask your fans for gigs, this interaction deepens their relationship with you and really involves them in your career growth. Even if they don’t host a concert for you, they will be more than excited about helping you in some way. Then, if you do play their town, they will be thrilled that they played an integral role in making that happen.

Don’t let your email list of fans or your social media friends and connections remain obscure numbers on a page of statistics. Engage them in your career at a much deeper level. Ask your fans for gigs. Get them involved in your search for great opportunities in their home towns. They know their community much better and will be happy to share their in-depth knowledge of cool places to play—places they enjoy seeing live entertainment.

Do you ask your fans for gigs? Have you involved your fans in this way to help you get some great gigs that you might otherwise not have ever known about?

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