Are Your Methods Working

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Are Your methods Still working

Are Your Methods Working - by Jeri Goldstein     

Are your methods working for you? Are you satisfied with the results you’ve been achieving?  So as you review how you have managed your business over the last 4 years, can you identify one thing you have been doing repeatedly to achieve desired outcomes? Is there one way you have been booking your dates or making your calls or marketing your act? Has it been working time and again?

If you are, then please identify that method or strategy and repeat it often in everything you do.

BUT, if it has not delivered the results you are after, then again, identify that strategy or method, isolate it and let’s really examine it.

Your attempt to use a method or strategy that is not working may just be the one thing keeping you stuck in a rut or running around in circles.

Perhaps it is time to take a second look at some of the ways in which you do some of your activities. Perhaps you are not seeing some of the growth you would like because you are expecting a different outcome using the same activities that didn’t meet your needs in the first place.

So let’s break down your activities, and please add to this short list if there are activities you do, which are not listed here.

  1. Booking
  2. Marketing
  3. Planning
  4. Working with team members
  5. Working with group members
  6. Creating your art
  7. Collaborating with other artists or industry professionals

Now take each item on the list and break down your methods or strategies that you use to accomplish these items.

For example, let’s take number 1, booking. Perhaps you work with an agent, in this case, identify how you communicate and plan with your agent. If you book yourself, look at how you schedule your time to make calls, do a follow-up, issue contracts, search for new potential gigs, plan your tours. Each activity requires some method, some plan of action—how you go about accomplishing this activity.

When you break down your activities and methods in this way, you will be able to recognize the activities, strategies or methods that work and those that do not.

Once you do that, you are more able to seek out new strategies to replace those not working. You can make the fundamental changes in your career that you need to move forward and get unstuck from your rut to create a more successful business.

So, are your methods working or not? What could you do right now to change at least one of those methods?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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