Are You Waiting to Start Your Career

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Are You Waiting To Start Your Career - by Jeri Goldstein     

Are you waiting to start your career? Who or what are you waiting for?

I’ve run into this often. Artists waiting for something else to be in place before they can really get serious. There’s always something else that might need to happen, could happen or should happen before you can really get started, isn’t there? What is it in your life? What do you need to be perfect before you get moving?

Here are just a few things that I’ve run into lately that might get in your way before you do what is necessary to move your career along?

1. Technology – you don’t have this or that piece of equipment, software, hardware, app, instrument

2. Systems – you haven’t found, set up, created, finalized your perfect system to help you track, manage or handle your daily activities

3. People – you are waiting to find an agent, manager, publicist, assistant, side person, road manager, love of your life

4. Inspiration – you are waiting for your muse to strike so you can begin to create your masterpiece

5. Hope – you are hoping something or someone will come along and make it happen for you so you don’t have to do the stuff you don’t want to do or the stuff you think you’re not good at

What are you waiting for? In which of the above categories do get stuck, stalled, hampered, stopped dead in your tracks?

If I had waited until I had a large mailing list before starting to write these Biz Booster Hot Tips, I wouldn’t be in my 13th year of Biz Boosters. If I had waited until I knew I had all the writing skills necessary before writing my book, How to Be Your Own Booking Agent, it wouldn’t be in its 4th edition now or have benefitted artists around the world since 1998. I could have let the overwhelming mysteries of the publishing world get in my way. Instead I researched step by step and met each new challenge one at a time for as long as it took. My projected six-month timeline stretched into two years, but it got done because I took one bold step after another.

Are you waiting to start your career?

What if you ignored the things not present in your life right now and just started something? What if you just took out a pen and piece of paper and started to make a few lists of your next steps? What if you committed to do one of those steps, as small as it might be? It’s a start. It moves you to step two and then step three and then who knows what all those small steps might lead to.

A performing career is ever evolving, a business is ever developing. It takes small steps strung together and then some more small steps linked with the others and then groups of small steps and again and again. Your talent doesn’t deserve to stagnate. It deserves your very best attention and all the small steps you can string together over a lifetime in the service of your art.

So, if you are waiting to start your career, there is no better time to begin than right now, today, this morning, this instant. If you ever thought, “Oh, I wish I were where that person is now,” and you wait, you won’t ever get to where they are. But, if you begin right now with your first small step, you will get there so much faster than if you wait another moment.

If you are waiting to start your career, what is your first step to move you forward, whether just starting your career or moving to the next level or just beginning a new project? You need to make the first step without letting anything get in your way.

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