Approach Bookings Like Creating A Recording

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Approach Bookings Like Creating A Recording - by Jeri Goldstein     

It’s time to approach bookings like creating a recording.

There’s always a lot to take care of when you are managing your career. There’s also a ton of stuff to do when setting up tours. I know all of the to-do’s can get to be overwhelming. I can talk about planning ahead till the cow’s come home and perhaps it might be something you’ll get into and do on a regular basis.

So this week I thought I would bring home the point by making a comparison for you.

Since you may be familiar with making a recording and the process involved with that kind of project, let’s use that as a comparison.

Would you march into a studio and start working with a studio engineer if you hadn’t written or chosen the material you were about to record? NO!

Would you ask a whole bunch of musicians to sit in on a recording session, if you hadn’t decided what kind of back-up you want for each song? NO!

Would you send material to the manufacturer if you hadn’t written the liner notes or chosen the art work? Of course not!

And would you hire a CD Promotions Company to begin a campaign when you hadn’t even recorded the CD? NO again!

So as we look at this ridiculous list of things done out of order, you get a feel for the concept that everything has it’s time and place to happen. There is a logical sequence for things to occur in order for the final goal to be reached.

As you consider making a new recording, I imagine you plan out your steps to make sure that each piece of the project occurs in its correct order. Certainly some things may be done or may happen while others are in the works.

Well, guess what? It is the same with booking tour dates or managing your career. Each step needs to occur in a logical sequence. You just can’t do it all at that same time.

I hear from many artists that they are overwhelmed by the tasks and amount of stuff that needs to be done. Most often it is because the logical steps and sequence of activity is not planned out, so it all looks like it has to happen at the same time.

Think about your last recording project. Write out your time-line of activities so you can see how they followed a logical sequence. Review this action plan so you can use it as a template when it comes to booking your tours. List out all the activities required to book a tour first, and then put them into a logical sequence.

Remove the overwhelming feelings by making a time-line plan of actions. You’ll feel better able to make things happen in your career and be much less overwhelmed by the tasks.

Do you approach bookings like creating a recording? If not, might this be a productive way to handle all the tasks to book your tours in the future?

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