After The Gig Follow Up

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After The Gig Follow Up
AfterTheGigFollowUp - by Jeri Goldstein     

How’s your after-the-gig-follow-up?

If you think that you’ve played the gig and you are done-No Way!

You worked so hard to get the gig, get to the gig, play the gig, that now it is time to bathe in your glory, reap the benefits for which you have worked so hard. So, don’t blow this one.

I always made a follow-up call the very next day after my artists played their gig. The idea was to hit while the enthusiasm was high, and all the details were fresh in the presenter’s mind. It was important to me to hear the comments that the audience members made to the presenters as they walked out the door humming the last song.

On a call, I could get more than from a quick thank you email. I get to hear the excitement in their voice and find out all the fun incidences that might have been memorable. I could follow-up with another thank you email or note later, but I wanted all the wonderful, and yes, sometimes gory details of the event. Things are not always rosy, there could be problems and I wanted to hear about those as well.

My after-the-gig-follow-up always included the following items:

  1. How did the gig go for the presenter—what worked, what did not?
  2. Were there any specific highlights they could relate to me or any problems they will share with me?
  3. Could they give me a testimonial if it was a good gig?
  4. Could they refer me to 1-3 other similar presenting organizations that might like this artist in the future?
  5. Can we schedule another date for the next time they are in the area?

This after-the-gig-follow-up keeps your booking momentum going for future dates. It expands new opportunities for tour building, relationship building and nurturing audience development. This may just be some of the most important work you do on this gig.

After-the-gig-follow-up is such an important part of your tour building routine. If you have not incorporated it into your daily planning yet, do it the very next gig you complete and then forever more. It was this accessibility that I provided to my presenters, that allowed them to feel comfortable enough to share the good, the bad and the ugly. They knew that I would make every effort to repeat what was great and fix what was wrong. Problems would get addressed with my artists and kudos would be passed along with enthusiasm.

Make yourself accessible, accommodating, interested and available. Do your after-the-gig-follow-up from now on. You will reap the benefits for years to come.

Do you have an after-the-gig-follow-up routine you would like to share? How has it been working for you?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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  • John Paul Jones March 25, 2019, 3:51 pm

    H&J Entertainment
    1:08 PM (2 hours ago)

    Yes this works. I make sure and try to get a letter of recommendation. Sometimes you have to be persistent to get it, but I know the letters of recommendation posted on our website go a long way. Converting those letters to photos work great when embedded into the quote.

    I am positive our letter of recommendation from one Motorcycle organization is directly responsible for our getting hired for a prime spot at another organization’s event.

    And this year we will work hard to secure those letters again. I believe those letters go a long way for credibility and reduce the need for potential buyers to try and get in touch with previous clients.

    Great Biz Booster.

    • Jeri Goldstein March 25, 2019, 3:53 pm

      Hey JP,
      This formula is working so well. Thanks for sharing your experience from this past year of growth.

      so proud of you and all the hard work you put into your business and The John Paul Jones Group.

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