3 Top Factors to Book Great Gigs

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3 Top Factors to Book Great Gigs - by Jeri Goldstein     

These 3 top factors to book great gigs must be an essential part of any artist’s tour planning.

If you want to get great gigs that pay well, where you sell your merchandise to an appreciative audience, you MUST know the following 3 Top Factors to book great gigs. These three career-changing factors are the difference between struggling to book your tours and booking great tours with ease.

# 1. You must know what you are offering.
It’s not sufficient to simply put it out there that you are an artist. It doesn’t matter what type of artist you are, whether you are a singer/songwriter, a classical pianist, a storyteller, a dancer, an actor,

a juggler, a comic, a writer or even a visual artist. You need to know what you are presenting, and the various ways you can present your artistry.

The mistake I see artists make again and again is that they assume their fans and talent buyers understand what it is exactly that they are offering or selling. You will be much better off if you assume they

do not understand what you offer. Then become more detailed in explaining and describing your offerings. That is the only way in which they may understand what they are buying. This concept follows nicely with last week’s Biz Booster, If They Can’t Sell It, They Won’t Book It.

As a brief example of this, let’s take a singer/songwriter and consider that you might do house concerts, you may offer workshops or master classes about the craft of writing. You may write about a specific subject and can create a program around that topic that is unique to

you. As a performer who desires to play festivals, you might create some festival-specific workshops that you might moderate in a multi-performer round-robin stage setting.

When you create programs, name them creatively and describe them in great detail. Then your potential buyers will be clear about what they are getting and will be more attracted to you.

# 2: You must know the best presentation format for your artistry. Let’s be honest here. You might hate playing in smoky bars at 11pm. You might love it. You need to know your preferences of where you are able to present your act and your art best. When you consider all of the options available, some work for you and others do not. By being particular, you can eliminate all the places that are not your optimum. Why suffer, when you simply can go after the right venues for you?

Make a list of your performance or presentation preferences so you may begin going after your optimum gigs instead of settling for par or below.

# 3: You must know and understand YOUR audience.
When asked the question, “Who would like your music or your art?” If you say, “everyone,” then you are doing yourself a great disservice.

Consider the age, the socio-economic background, the location, the shopping habits and the occupations of your audience members. These factors influence your marketing content and placement, the venue of choice for your audience, the time of your performance and most importantly to your bottom line, the fees you are able to charge and get.

When you know your audience, you may discover peripheral performance opportunities hidden within the folks who attend

your shows. This one benefit of knowing your audience alone, may boost your income in ways you never dreamed before. I’ve seen this happen often.

This week, think about your audience members and begin to view them in a new light. Create a composite of your optimum audience member including all the aspects mentioned above in # 3. This audience profile will help you determine what kinds of venues you need to go after, knowing you’ll find YOUR audience there.

These 3 top factors to book great gigs are the key elements of building a profitable and enjoyable career. Spend a lot of time focusing on each of them. When you get these right, your career will soar.

Do you incorporate these 3 top factors to book great gigs into your tour planning? Can you imagine how they might help boost your bookings?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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