3 Best Practices For The New Year

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3 Best Practices For The New Year - by Jeri Goldstein     

3 Best Practices For The New Year

I thought I’d offer 3 best practices for the New Year that you might make part of your routine this year and for years to come.

The new year is off and running. Holiday travel is winding down and winter is about to kick into high gear. Are you ready? Adopt these 3 best-practices and you will have an advantage over other artists vying for the same gigs.

  1. Practice Gratitude:
    One sure-fire way to build great relationships in business and in life is to demonstrate your appreciation to those with whom you interact. From the business perspective, that might simply mean remembering to send Thank You notes to bookers, presenters, media folks and team members who work hard on your behalf. Nothing soothes so well as a note of thanks and appreciation. Done in a timely fashion like right after a gig, an interview or printed review, it can build high regards towards you that could last all year long and beyond.
  2. Practice Long-Range Planning:
    Look out 1 to 2 years, set anchor dates, special events like conferences and scheduled time off. This is a momentum-building strategy for your career. By taking time at either the end of each year or at the beginning to plan the next one to two years, you will set your career in motion, make bookings much easier and reduce that empty calendar frustration you might have been used to in the past.
  3. Practice tracking your numbers:
    Starting with your very first gig in the New Year, keep a detailed record of the following info on each date played:

    1. Number of Tickets sold & prices
    2. Venue Capacity
    3. Final Pay vs Contracted Deal
    4. Number of CDs sold & prices
    5. The Weather that day
    6. Other Events in town that day
    7. Number of media placements, interviews, reviews for the gig

With these numbers accumulated over the course of the next year, you will have an excellent base from which to review how well the year went for you. You will be better able to negotiate a return gig and new gigs in the same market. And an even bigger bonus will be your ability to present your numbers to any agency, management or label should such an opportunity be appropriate for you.

When you incorporate these three best-practices into your business this year, you will build great relationships, give your touring momentum and provide yourself and your team with hard facts on which to build your future. I’d say that’s a great way to kick off the next year.

What practices do you put in place to kick off your new year?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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