2018 Wow! Here’s What’s New

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2018 Wow! Here's What's New

2018 Wow! Here's What's New - by Jeri Goldstein     

2018 Wow! Here’s what’s new for me, what’s new for you?

January is my birth month and every year during January I have a surge of energy and excitement for the possibilities of the new year. I’m sure being a Capricorn has a lot to do with it as all of my Capricorn friends and relatives are similarly energized.

Whatever forces are tugging on my creativity, here’s what I’ve got planned for the coming year:

  1. Celebrate an auspicious birthday as my sister and I swim with Dolphins. (mammals not the football team, Ha!)
  2. With a renewed excitement in cooking, I plan to start up my one- day gourmet retreats for artists here in my home in FL. First one will take place in February. More details to follow…
  3. Finish my new book about my dad: Stroke Dialogues-Conversations with Dad
  4. Re-launch my online course: Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets with two sessions during the year
  5. Take my long-delayed trip to France and Europe in the fall
  6. Continue to study Thai Chi, spend more time exercising on the beach and live an energetic life by eating fruits, vegetables, juicing, fasting and creating interesting recipes for a plant based diet
  7. Live a healthy, vibrant life as a #Perennial

I wish you great things in your New Year. Be the driver of your career and the engineer of your life. Stick to your plans and love what you do. Fill your life with joy and surround yourself with those who may teach you new things and inspire you.

Happy New Year!

So what’s new for you?

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