Jeri Goldstein 2017

1-Month Program

Get Great Gigs

Purpose Driven Career Development

This short-term program is designed to get you started to define or revamp your goals, introduce you to new strategies and help you establish your strategic plan and your career purpose. It also serves as an audition for us both to get to know each other and how we work together.

During the month we will have two one-hour calls, weekly motivational emails to keep you moving forward and multiple email correspondence to answer questions, work on our plans and address concerns that arise during the month. A great deal can be accomplished during this first month. It is my goal to help get you started on your path to creating the strategic plan you need to begin to realize your touring goals.

Accountability, accessibility, and acknowledged expertise are the foundations of my commitment to your success.

Accountability: You are motivated to implement the plans we create together in the timeframe prescribed to move rapidly towards your goals.

Accessibility: Know the answers to your questions and concerns is just a quick email away, conquer being stuck and relieve the stress that comes with operating in a vacuum.

Acknowledged Expertise: Navigating your way around an industry that may still hold many mysteries, may stop you in your tracks. Having an industry expert who is on your team, moving you forward, answering your questions and maximizing your ideas, moves you towards your goals and the completion of each of your projects rapidly.

Weave this together with career development that is driven by your life’s purpose, and your motivation behind each call, each project, every negotiation and every date booked is infused with your enthusiasm to share your art and make a difference in the lives you touch.

What’s In It For You?

  • Create a purpose driven action plan for future touring career success
  • Design audience-specific programs to increase bookings and income
  • Establish methods and habits to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness to allow both your artist and entrepreneur to flourish
  • Define manageable goals and time lines to ensure momentum and keep you on track
  • Identify and conquer your inner mindset challenges that prevent success
  • Increase communication savvy to create more effective pitches, proposals, marketing pieces and long-lasting relationships
  • Leverage income and funding resources for each tour and project to realize maximum profit
  • Gain industry insight, eliminate isolation, ignite constructive collaboration

Who May Benefit from this Program?

  • Musicians in all genres of music that have an established career, whether or not currently working with an agent or manager
  • Non-musical Performing Artists
  • Agents and Managers beginning an agency or growing an agency
  • Arts Councils with Touring Rosters
  • Artist Oriented Service Organizations Businesses and Organizations wanting to include performance in their event programming

This program is designed for artists and artist support organizations who are committed to their career development and want to kick-start their touring process but not make a long-term commitment. These sessions are designed to re-energizing careers, establish appropriate target audiences and strategize a forward moving action plan.

What is Included?

  • 2 One-hour calls per month
  • Email collaborations between calls
  • Websites and marketing materials review
  • All calls are recorded and a mp3 is provided of each
  • Early notice to any upcoming online workshops or programs
  • Half-price on all new Performingbiz workshops and programs
  • Lifetime access to any workshop or program taken
  • Upgrade to 3 Months with a 10% discount

Apply Now

Once you submit your application, you will receive an email with Jeri’s Get Acquainted Package if you meet the requirements of the program.