Jeri Goldstein 2017

Guide to Touring

Book More Gigs
Book Better Gigs
Get Paid More Money for Each Gig

How To Be Your Own Booking Agent IS The Musician’s & Performing Artist’s Guide To Touring.

After 20 years of booking and managing my artist’s, I wanted one resource to turn to where I could get spot-on information and insights from others who had built successful touring careers as an artist or an agent. I wanted help! I wanted information! BUT I didn’t want to spend tons of time searching all over the place for bits and pieces. I wanted to know how to make my artist’s successful. I wanted it, but it wasn’t out there then.

It is NOW, though. After years of my own frustrations, and with many of the artist’s and agents I knew then, concerned with similar problems, I decided to do the research, interview the professionals who had some answers, gather the information and make it easy to access—all in one place.

Now I want to help you be successful! Now you can save years of searching for information pertinent to your career development. Now you can learn from my mistakes, my successes and other agents and artists years of experience. Now you can save your time, your money and start getting the kind of gigs you want, for the kind of money you deserve with a loyal fan base that buys your CDs and comes to your shows, over and over again.

Why, because now you will have time-proven resources and information at your fingertips in a step-by-step, easy and fun to read Guide, that can help you develop, maintain and plan for the growth of your performing career. Let me shave years off your learning curve and help you take your career to the next level.