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"If you are an Independent Musician or Performing Artist Managing Your Own Career and Booking Your Own Tours, or are an agent booking other artists and would like to..."

  • Increase your performance fees by 20-50% each year
  • Create marketing materials that get you gigs and press
  • Book tours more strategically to build your audiences
  • Open new performance markets and still make money
  • Have access to the advice of industry professionals to reach your career goals

Then is THE resource that provides you with step-by-step industry information and career development strategies.

Access the information as you need it, when you are ready for it.

  1. Articles - Book Your Act, Marketing, Negotiation, Tour Strategies
  2. Biz Booster Hot Tips! - Weekly Audio Messages
  3. Biz Booster Mentor Interview Series - with Industry Professionals
  4. Books
  5. Booking Tools & Resources
  6. Booking & Touring Online Courses
  7. Consulting - Manager-In-A-Box
  8. Interview Teleseminars
  9. Retreats - "Feed Your Career"

Meet the challenges of designing your career in the music business and performing arts with expert advice from seasoned industry professionals, artist-tested strategies and information that will keep you motivated and inspired to create a successful, fulfilling career and life.

Hi, I'm Jeri Goldstein. I was a booking agent and artist's manager for 20 years. So often, when I was booking tours for my artists, I wished there was an easier, less frustrating, more immediate, more organized and well, let's face it, less overwhelming way to do the job; get paid more money and build my artist's careers. There were few resources and even fewer experts to turn to for help to learn the insider's strategies of booking profitable tours that build careers. is your booking & touring career development resource. Welcome! Now let's get started!

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